Nursery - Pre K

Nursery - Pre K

At the earliest age possible, our prayer is for every child to know the deep love that Jesus has for them. In the Nursery - Pre K, parents check their children into a safe and secure environment where they’re shown the Lord’s love through the family of God.

Preschoolers (3yrs-Kindergarten) enjoy stories through the Bible, a fun time of worship, and craft. We’re privileged to share Jesus with these little ones, who in turn bless us in so many ways!

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1st-6th Grade

"One generation shall praise Your works to another, And declare Your mighty acts." — Psalm 145:4

For our 1st-6th Grade ministry, it is our desire to praise God’s mighty works to the next generation of kids. We meet every Sunday and Wednesday, teaching them through the infallible Word of God, to be faithful, to live, and to declare the saving work of the cross of Jesus Christ.


Jr. High

The Jr. High ministry at ACF is about one thing: walking with Jesus. Rather than focusing on what a “good Christian” should or shouldn’t do, we fix our eyes on Jesus and watch as HE makes us more like Himself from the inside out. We meet every Wednesday evening at 7:00 to worship, fellowship, and study God’s Word.

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High School

High Schoolers meet every Wednesday night in the Upper Room to study God's Word and to worship in Spirit and truth. We do this knowing God's Word is able to equip us, making us wise for salvation. Additional opportunities for fellowship, study, and fun are announced on Wednesday nights. It's awesome to see the way the Lord is raising up a new generation of believers!